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About Me

Rachel Schobert, licensed massage therapist in Oklahoma. License number 174243

Heritage College graduate, 6/2004

My goal is to create a balance in the body by helping correct issues, not only by working on the areas causing the pain, but also the areas that are directly or indirectly affected by the pain. 

I've always wanted to help others in direct ways. I went to college, originally, to become a doctor, a pediatrician specifically. After some soul-searching, I decided that that wasn't the path for me and that I wanted to be more hands-on. I went into massage therapy and absolutely adored it. To me, having someone get onto my table being unable to move correctly, then using my hands to help normalize the area, and having them come out of the room feeling tons better, is the best reward I could possibly hope for.

I take continuing education classes every year in order to provide better and more up-to-date care for my clients. Some recent classes have been regarding correcting common body mechanic issues resulting from office environments and overall electronics usage. Hope to see you soon!

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